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In excel (like in word) there’s a macro recorder. (in view-macro-record macro)


You start it, make all you want your macro to do automatically next and stop (also in view-macro) recording.

Your code will be written by the recorder.

I’m writing VBA code for a long time now and still use it regularly mainly in following cases:

  • Visual aspect of my table (you will find an example in visual.xls in which you can run visualaspect macro,I have record the macro in 2 minutes without any modification)
  • Check functions names I have to use in my code
  • Write complex function and take advantage of auto correction (for example you easily miss a bracket)

For small and simple code do not hesitate to use it, even a good VBA programmer will do it to gain time.

If you just use it you will see its limited (for example when you want to introduce variables)

The code is very large so the next step will be to know what only matters and delete the rest or the risk will be to be lost in the code


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